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Insight Awareness

A Spiritual Journey that will Expand Your Soul

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John Sparks ~ Writer, Teacher, Practitioner

Insight Awareness was founded on sharing the peace and exhilaration of life’s strange, yet beautiful journey of awakening through the eyes of John David Sparks.

Dedicated to his own healing and sharing of this journey since 1994 when he opened the doors of Insight Awareness, he, along with lots and lots of help (both visible and invisible) began assisting what would turn out to be thousands of people on their spiritual path to healing and inner peace.

Having offered multiple healing courses and personal growth retreats with the indispensable help of his first business partner, Sue Ellen Roberts, and then, for almost 20 years with Valerie Reilly, he is now focused on his writing, (watch for his upcoming blogs), meditation and breath workshops, and individual session work, such as forgiveness, spiritual coaching, massage therapy, Reiki, solfeggio sound healing, and more. 

He believes that everyone, regardless of their goals, is seeking peace, even if they are unaware of it. His commitment to be the change and serve others in uncovering their own insights and awareness is the corner stone for bringing about a tipping point that will change the world. 



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