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Insight Awareness

A Spiritual Journey that will Expand Your Soul

Formerly know as A Life Path...

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Retreats ~ Courses ~ Individual Sessions

John & Valerie ~ Teachers, Practitioners, & Retreat Leaders

To expand the soul and ride the wave of Life’s amazing diversity  in gratitude.

Insight Awareness is the unified vision of sharing the peace and exhilaration of life's journey through the eyes and hearts of John Sparks and Valerie Reilly. Working together for more than 20 years, helping thousands of people on their spiritual journeys, they desire to bring about more focused and expansive ways to grow both individually and collectively.


John and Valerie offer courses like Reiki, Meditation,The Brilliance of Self, Journey to Joy, Zentangle meditative art, and many more; each with the personal touch and collective experience, that sets their courses apart from simply “learning” to experiencing.  


They see clients on an individual basis offering Massage, Reiki, Sound Therapy, Spiritual Coaching and more.  You can see all that they offer here.  


John and Valerie also offer retreats and will be occasionally facilitating spiritual journeys, locally and abroad, that will open your heart and expand your inner awareness. 


You will also find some inspirational food for your soul through John's blog


John and Valerie believe that everyone is seeking peace, even if they are unaware of it. Their commitment to "be the change" and serve others in their own unfolding can, and is, changing the world. To that end, they are committed to help bring about the tipping point so that everyone benefits from a new reality in a new world.

About Us
Reiki, John's Services, Retreats

Reiki, Services Available, Retreats & More

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Are you ready to expand your innate ability to heal at deeper levels and find the “something” which connects us to the divine in all things? For us, Reiki did just that. You see, Reiki is more than just a hands on healing technique, it is “the Life force energy from beyond the beyond”, the Chinese translation, which guides us on our life path toward the highest good. It would be an honor for us to put you in touch with this power and share with you some of the life changing realizations we’ve had on our journey.   READ MORE


John and Valerie are thrilled to be offering a variety of services for your personal healing and growth.  They collectively have been seeing clients, first at Insight Awareness, and now at their own locations in Homewood and Tinley Park, IL.  Their services include Massage, Reiki, Sound Therapy, Psych-K, Spiritual Coaching, Zentangle Meditative Art therapy, and more.  Please visit our Services page for information and details.


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In The Ever Increasing Race…

... of our hurried lives, we seldom take the time to “touch the Earth”. We are so busy trying to achieve our goals or deal with deadlines and issues that we lose touch with a fundamental aspect of ourselves; our connection to this beautiful planet and all of the life on it. That is why we like to travel to places that help us re-establish that re-connection.Traveling to “power” spots like Peru, Egypt, Ireland and... READ MORE



“John and Valerie create a sacred container for learning & sharing. They are very connected to what they teach.  I recommend their classes and would absolutely attend other classes they facilitate. ”

— Silvana T.

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