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The Gift of Forgiveness

The impact of heavy, hurt emotions can ruin your life. They can create distortion in the way you view your life and even harm the health of your cells which could eventually lead to disease.  


Fortunately, the burden of carrying the past around with you doesn’t have to be permanent. With a little guidance and loving support, based on research and personal training from Brandon Bays as outlined in her book “The Journey,” you can finally let go of these wounds and live your life without fear.


During this session John will guide you through a safe and simple step-by-step process of dropping through the emotional layers that have covered the freedom you have been looking for. 


Please note that this work is not philosophical or conceptual. This is experiential and is about opening yourself up in the moment for true release. There are no ceremonies, no shoulds or shouldn’ts, no judgment, nothing to believe in, and it doesn’t even need to be shared. This is for you. The only thing you need to bring is a journal so you can jot down your experience.


Sessions can be 45 to 90 minutes long. 


Price —$75

Available with John Sparks


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