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Get Unstuck With the Breath of Connection

I have found that the following breathing exercise, when performed with an attentive mind and an open heart, is a quick way to get unstuck and reestablish connection with the harmonious flow of Life's energies. It evokes a subtle sense of aliveness and tranquility while loosening the grips of depression and bathing you in light and Love. It is best performed outside but can be done anywhere.

Before beginning this exercise, take a moment and remember that the physical universe is a part of the Infinite Intelligence that birthed it. It is perfection itself continuing to unfold. Know that you and your body, created from the very same material as the stars, are an integral part of that unfolding perfection. How else could it be?


Briefly contemplate, to the best of your ability, the vastness of the universe with all of its stars, planets, and galaxies working together in perfect balance and harmony.

Bring your focus to this beautiful planet we live on and the miracle of Life that sets it apart from so many others. Try and wrap your head around the fact that over 15 trillion specialized cells, made of the earth itself, have gathered together to make the body you live in.

Recognize all of this as one continuous movement of evolution in which you, as awareness, get to experience. Until this becomes a foundation in your everyday life and you remember that you are a ray of God's sunshine, out for a ride in the beautiful gardens of physical reality, it’s easy to get stuck.

To help open to this in a gentle and easy way, start by standing with your arms at your sides. Keep your palms relaxed and slightly cupped so that your fingertips point toward the outer edge of your feet. Feel the energy that is moving between your fingertips and your feet. It might feel like tingling or warmth or some other sensation. If you don’t feel anything at all, then just imagine it so.

With a slow steady inhalation, raise your arms up and out to your sides while pulling up the field of energy until your arms are parallel to the ground. Slowly rotate your wrists until your thumbs are up and your palms facing forward. Sweep your arms together in front of you until they are shoulder width apart. Rotate the palms again so that they are facing down and raise your arms up toward the sun while your head follows the upward motion.

Your inhalation should be complete when your arms are extended straight up and your head is tilted toward the heavens. Holding you breath for just a moment as you feel them stretching into the universe. Notice the vital and Loving energy that rains down upon you. Sense it moving through your arms and nourishing your entire body. Feel your connection to the cosmos and allow yourself to be revitalized. Turn your palms out, and gathering the energy of the cosmos as you lower your arms to your sides, exhale through your mouth making the sound Ha. Slowly lower your head and feel your body surrounded in a beautiful aura of divine light.

Allow yourself to integrate the shift you feel, however subtle it may, be by tuning into your body, and once again, briefly contemplating the majesty and mystery of which you are a part.

Repeat the exercise five or six times in a row as often as you like throughout the day.

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