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Lessons From the Exorcist

Just say the name Ouija Board and people go into fear. And understandably so. The numerous movies and endless videos that have depicted the Ouija Board as evil are enough to scare anyone. But there are a lot of people who love to be scared. If you find that hard to believe then just look at the box office take for scary movies. It’s a big business. So when most people play with a Ouija Board they are usually choosing to play with fear. The board itself is neutral. It only acts as a medium for their desire to express itself.

My story is a little different. Working with a Ouija Board provided me with wisdom and confidence which I use to this day. Let me explain. In 1973 I was being mentored by a deeply committed and knowledgeable student of esoteric spirituality named Terry. His tall thin frame, black wavy hair, and dark sunken eyes reminded me of a wizard. All he needed was a robe and Gandalf hat. Being a metaphysician and mathematician, he had, among other things, designed and created his own Ouija board using various mathematical symbols, a glass top, and a special stylus that allowed us to see the letters on the board without obstruction.

He taught me that the typical spirit contacted through a Ouija board belonged to a certain tribe, or clan, as he called them. The clan name became known when letters began repeating themselves in a pattern. For example, if the stylus began repeating the letters J O J O then you knew the spirit belonged to the JoJo clan. If it started repeating K O N K O N then you knew that the spirit belonged to the KonKon clan and so on. The amount of letters prior to the clan name (typically there were about 3 to 8) indicated the social status or standing that each spirit held in its clan.

Spirit names are not like English names. They are combinations of sound which the English language rarely, if ever, touches upon. For example, there may be two or more consonants before a vowel shows up. Basically, they are impossible to pronounce but they still hold a particular frequency.

Most of the time when we used the board the stylus moved at a moderate to slow speed and not much useful information was gleaned. Still, we enjoyed the activity and hoped to get a better understanding of the spirit world, our own world, and how the two co-existed.

One day we came across a spirit by the name of Ten. Ten was not aligned with any particular community or clan. (A guy after my own heart) Apparently, the combined energy of Terry and I resonated strongly with Ten and enabled us to communicate much clearer and faster than with any other spirit we had contacted.

We spent hours talking to him in an effort to understand the spirit world and also to understand more about past civilizations and our own role in them. Atlantis was one of our favorite topics.

One day, during a lull in our conversation, I asked Ten if he had seen the movie The Exorcist which had been recently released. I was curious because I had heard that the movie was based on an actual event and wanted to know if such things, or such an entity, actually existed.

Ten replied that he had not seen the movie but that he would report back to us after he watched it. The following week I asked him if he had gotten a chance to see it yet and what he thought of it. His response made me chuckle. He replied, "I didn't think much of the movie, but the thought forms in the theatre were entertaining.”

If you are not familiar with “thought forms,” think of them as the natural formation of shapes which are created by the quality of our emotional state and projected into the astral field around us. If you are sensitive to this vibrational field, you will be able to see them. Even if you can’t see them you can often feel them. For example, have you ever walked into a room where an argument had just taken place? If so, you know that you can feel the vibration. Some people can actually see the energy patterns left behind. That is where some of our old phrases like "shooting daggers with their eyes,” or a person appears to have “a chain around their neck.” Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase “a yellow streak down their back” or “halo around their head.” All these and more are examples of thought-forms.

I can only imagine what Ten saw in the theatre that day!!

Obviously, he wasn't scared or impressed with what he saw on the screen.

I, on the other hand, had been shocked, fascinated, and terrified when I watched it.

Having heard that it was based on a true story, I asked him if there really was such an entity. He replied, “Oh yes.” So of course I asked what his name was. (Terry and I were amazed as he spelled out the 18 letters of his name which preceded the clan he belonged to. This spirit was in a different class than anything Terry or I had ever run across.

Apparently, spelling the proper sequence of the letters in his name was enough for him to energetically detect. The next words that Ten spoke were as terrifying as the movie. "If you would like to talk to him, he is on his way."

Needless to say, both Terry and I were having minor panic attacks. We didn’t know what to expect. Were we in danger? Was the table going to start shaking? Was the room going to turn dark? Would we start spinning our heads around spitting up green oatmeal? All we could do was wait. Then, after about two or three minutes where nothing happened, I asked Ten what was going on.

His reply made an impact for life. "He was on his way but stopped because Terry was working with white light this morning in his meditation. He felt its vibration he didn't want to come any closer."

Upon further inquiry, we understood that everything is governed by the law of attraction. In this case, the energy of the spirit and the energy of my friend Terry was like oil and water. They naturally repelled each other.

It’s important to remember that Terry wasn’t meditating with light for protection that morning, he was meditating with light because he simply enjoyed it. It resonated with his vibration. The fact that it worked for protection was a byproduct of this. If he had been surrounding himself with light for protection from a place of fear, it would likely have created a weak link in his foundation and you might very well be reading a different story.

Darkness attracts darkness and light attracts light. When people play with a Ouija board expecting to be spooked, they will be. Their fearful energy naturally draws energies that frighten them. But when you work with the light of God, even the most powerful spirits of darkness want nothing to do with you.

It’s been a long time since I communicated with Terry or Ten. Their whereabouts are unknown to me now, but their spirit lives in my heart and I will forever continue to spread the light they shared.

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