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The Best Way to Protect Your Energy

Each one of us are empaths . Some people who are extremely sensitive empaths fear that working with others, or even being in a crowd, may be problematic to their well-being. And this may be true. So what do we do?

Most often, the answer to this question is to create a protective wall or bubble around ourselves to keep out the “bad” energy. I have yet to meet anyone for whom this method works one hundred percent of the time. In fact, for many people it does not work the majority of time. Yet, we keep doing the same thing over and over as if doing it one more time will really make it effective. If you look deeply at this technique you will see that it is often based in fear. And what do you think will happen when the foundational energy behind the wall of protection is based in fear? The answer is obvious. The law of attraction states that you will attract more fear. How long do you think your wall of protection will last when it has been fundamentally compromised by its intention? More importantly, how can we be of service to others when we are afraid of being in their energy? If we are looking to live more openly and share our hearts in healing, then obviously, attempting to block ourselves from the world is not an effective way to achieve that.

I would like to suggest that there is another way you can interact with the world. A way in which the light you carry in your heart shines bright enough to keep you in a place of peace and compassion .

It is a simple two-step process but it will require courage and understanding.

First, ground yourself in the certainty that you are made in the image and likeness of the Creator and that there is no place where the Creator ends and you begin. Come to know that there is only one life, one mind, one power, and one intelligence of which we are all a part.

Take whatever time you need to feel the certainty of this. See if you can find a place that you are not connected to the whole. Assuming you can’t, anchor this feeling of connection in your heart and feel its truth expand into every cell of your body.

Meditate on this for at least a few minutes. Feel the energy of light and love flowing through your body in whatever way you choose. There are numerous meditation techniques which you can use for this, although a simple awareness, along with the feelings that accompany it are really all you need.

Next, imagine that there are doors on the bottoms of your feet. Open the doors. These doors are like release valves for impurities that may be running through your system. Any heavy energy you pick up from others will naturally flow down through your energy body and move out the open doors to be purified by Mother Earth. Don't worry, she can handle it, especially when she knows that the intention is for purification and balance.

If or when you feel an uncomfortable energy entering your body, simply acknowledge it and allow it to flow down through the open doors at the bottoms of your feet. The high vibrational light that you previously anchored will naturally push it through like oil from water.

This process might only take a few moments or could take as long as 24 hours. If you continue to feel uncomfortable energies in your system after 24 hours, the chances are that it has latched onto a wounded area of your energy that has the same or similar vibration. In such a case, it is a wonderful opportunity for you to identify it, work with it, and release it. It is a gift for your own evolution.

Lastly, when you return to more comfortable surroundings, mentally close the the doors on the bottoms of your feet and be conscious that you are charging the cells of your body with the light of who you are.

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