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Stillness in Motion

The day after an unexpected spring snow found the sun shining, the warmth returning, and the birds singing their mantra to the glory of our amazing little planet. Such an unbelievably beautiful day.

Driving to the office that morning I played one of my favorite mind games; “What If.”

“What if today I chose my thoughts instead of letting them choose me?” “What if today I was aware enough to be thankful for even the redundant, sub-conscious thoughts I didn’t choose because my awareness of them made me realize that I am more than my thoughts?”

“What if today I chose to think, speak, and act in accordance with the beauty I felt inside?”

“What if today I chose to acknowledge that I am a ray of light from God's eternal sun manifesting on this earth?” “What if today I chose to let go of my shame and fully embrace that right here, right now, in this moment, I am born again?”

“What if I allowed myself (my ego-personality) to be absorbed by my-Self? (The truth of who I am) “What if all my actions today were an expression of the ever-fresh, incoming vibration of Love, joy, and wisdom?”

These thoughts, and their residual offshoots, played through my mind and heart as I found myself pulling into my parking space at work. I felt high, full of Love and empowered by the unfolding vibrations of my little game. I didn’t want to leave the car. It seemed too much of a contrast to go from this beautiful space of “being” into the vibration of "doing."

As I sat there cherishing the newness of the moment, my attention was drawn to a single drop of water rolling down the windshield from the melting snow on the car roof. At first I thought, “I can't sit here watching a drop of water. I should go in and get busy.” Having heard those words in my head, I decided to watch the drop of water and “be” more than the unchosen thought. I knew I had time if I wanted it.

As it moved slowly down the windshield, I noticed the very bottom of the drop was reflecting the sunlight. How odd, I thought, that only the very bottom was shining like a brilliant star, shooting rays and beams of light in all directions. I felt as if the drop symbolized the descent of our own light coming from the heavens down to the planet. I was mesmerized as the light grew brighter and brighter on its journey toward the hood.

Then, as if magically responding to my vibration, the drop slowed down as it approached head-height opposite my steering wheel. Going ever so slow now, it actually stopped at the level of my eyes and reflected the image of my face inside of the tiny area of its radiating beams. There I was, viewing confirmation of what I was thinking and feeling; we have all descended from above to become the reflection of God’s face surrounded by radiant light.

When we have an unhurried mind, the smallest, seemingly insignificant thing can reflect our consciousness and bring magic and clarity into our lives again.

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