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Reiki: A Life Path Courses

Facilitated by John D. Sparks & Valerie Reilly

Are you ready to expand your innate ability to heal at deeper levels and find the “something” which connects us to the divine in all things? For us, Reiki (in its truest sense of the word) did just that. You see, Reiki is more than just a hands on healing technique for assisting others, it is “the Life force energy from beyond the beyond”, the Chinese translation, which guides us on our life path toward the highest good. It would be an honor for us to put you in touch with this power and share with you some of the life changing realizations we’ve had on our journey.


With approximately 40 years of cumulative experience in Reiki, we have come to know it as "an aspect of the life force energy whose nature is light and love."   Ultimately, it brings us to the tipping point from our ego controlled mindset of exclusivity, to one where separation and complexity start to fade. In other words, we start to feel the true nature of light and love weaving its way throughout our everyday life and everything changes.

If this sounds intriguing to you and you would like to experience the transformational journey that can lead you on your life path while feeling connected to the Divine in all things, we invite you to join us in our upcoming workshops.

"This is an amazing experience for anyone curious about Reiki or who may feel drawn

to accessing their energy and potential."

— Colleen T.

Reiki I & II
The History, Traditions & Symbols

Modified Usui System of Reiki

As you will discover, Reiki is a beautiful means in which to expand your heart, your spirit, and most importantly the connection to who you really are.  We feel Reiki, while described by many as a “hands on healing technique”, is more of a spiritual journey.  Maybe you have been guided, have listened, and have trusted that this training is perfect for your journey.  We hope to be included as a part of your spiritual journey. 


In Level I & II of Reiki – The Traditions and Symbols, you will learn the origins and history of Reiki, what Reiki is, experience energy fields, learn the first three symbols of the Usui system, receive Levels I & II Attunements, as well as give and receive Reiki treatments with your fellow students.


While everyone is on a path, the Reiki path is a unique and powerful one.  It has obviously called to you, because here you are.  Please know that this journey is ever expanding.  There is no one way to experience Reiki, it is as unique and individual as the many faces on this planet ~ so, trust yourself, trust your experience, and trust Reiki, which is already within you, to guide you.  You’ll be amazed at how fast your life begins to change when you do. We look forward to sharing our teachings and philosophies with you.

Reiki III
Advanced Healing Techniques

Modified Usui System of Reiki

As you are probably discovering since Levels I & II, Reiki is a beautiful means in which to expand your heart, your soul, and most importantly the connection and realization of who you really are.  

We feel that every student, whether or not he/she ever continues with their training, will benefit greatly by attending this Advanced Level of Reiki.  It is a wonderfully useful and fun class that will round off and complete what you’ve already learned in Levels I & II.  It can enhance your confidence and enthusiasm for using the energies, for yourself, for others, and through your entire life.

One of the many things you will be learning in this class is the fourth and final symbol of the Usui System of Reiki ~ The Usui Master Symbol.  This symbol is the highest symbol of the original Usui system, which was taught in the Master Level Class.  The Master symbol will empower & enhance all the other symbols within the system and serve you personally by creating a direct means for connecting, feeling, and being the energy of the All That Is!

You will also learn:

  • A beautiful meditation that can be done daily for about 15 minutes that will empower, cleanse, and heal your entire Chakra system creating a balanced peaceful body and life.

  • A Reiki Grid (a form of a prayer table) that is used for sending the Reiki energy to all areas of your life on a 24/7 basis.

  • A Master Moving Meditation.

  • Energy Clearing Techniques.


While everyone is on a path, the Reiki path is a unique and powerful one.  It is a path of the heart.  And, it has obviously called to you.  We look forward to sharing our teachings and philosophies with you. 

Reiki IV
Master Teacher

Modified Usui System of Reiki

We believe the first step on a Master’s journey is taking 100% responsibility for YOU… your thoughts, feelings, choices, and actions.  There can no longer be blaming or accusing others for your life, your circumstance, or for who you are today.  It is a time to embrace the master within and make yourSelf your own authority; taking full responsibility for your personal evolvement and spiritual growth.

Becoming a Reiki Master will be a very different experience for you. With practice, it will move you into a level of understanding where you will embrace the wisdom and compassion of your own heart and soul as a master in the making. It will be both joyous and challenging, for you cannot have one without the other.  And, in the end, it can be the most rewarding experience of your life!

To start that journey, we will be covering such topics as what is a Master, beliefs, affirmations, and the great I AM.  The class will also include several powerful meditations.  You will learn two more symbols that enhance and empower the entire Usui System of Reiki.  They predate language and were discovered in Tibet. There will also be discussion about and mediation with the Antahkarana, another powerful symbol of mysterious origin.

As we move into the Teacher aspect of the course, you will be provided with a basic outline and all the support you need for teaching each level of Reiki in the Modified Usui System you have learned thus far. As well as detailed instructions on how to give the attunements for each level of training. 

Remember, being a Reiki Teacher is not like being a math teacher. Unlike the rigid laws of math, the universal laws of spirituality provide great flexibility for each person to arrive at an answer in their own unique way. Guide them to look deeper into themselves for their own answers to questions brought up during class. 

Most of all, we will support you to enjoy your teaching journey and remember… you will always be a student.

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