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Spiritual Coaching

Life coaching has become an effective and widely accepted way to move forward in attaining your goals. It is not therapy, but rather a way to accurately guide you in moving forward to attaining what it is you truly desire to be happy in this life.


The difference between life coaching and spiritual coaching is that spiritual principles of your own integrity are highlighted equally with the goal of your desire. In this way, you come to understand not only what is required of you to fulfill your goals in the world, but also to fulfill your soul in the process.


This may be done as a standard dialogue session or a group of sessions. It can also be carefully woven into a session of Reiki, Psych K, sound healing, or some other modality. The length of sessions may vary depending on how you wish to proceed. If it is a dialogue session, a typical session can be 45 to 60 minutes, while coaching along with another modality may take up to 90 minutes.


John and Valerie both have certifications in spiritual coaching. Valerie's is through Intrinsic Coach Development and John's is through Certified Coaches Alliance. Both of them completed the 10-day School for the Work of Byron Katie, while Valerie also has 30 years of experience staffing Pathways for Successful Living Seminars.

If you’re serious about getting in alignment with your desires then don’t hesitate to reach out. Their extensive training and experience will certainly provide the clarity you have been looking for to move forward on your path. 


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