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What is Reiki

We have a dream that the world can be changed by the simple act of one person expressing their light and love. One that eventually creates a tipping point where the majority of mankind begins living from a place of peace, serenity, and sanity.


Sound impossible? Consider the many true stories from Malcolm Gladwell's book "The Tipping Point" where only small groups of people changed a country's entire mindset or the way an industry conducts its business.


Or consider how the movement of paying it forward to somebody in line behind you at the store caught on all across the country.


Or consider the impact on thousands of people that came from one generous person's totally unexpected loan to start a business providing Reiki because he could feel the Love and power of its nature.


Actually, there are endless stories of how one person started a chain reaction to change a nation and sometimes the world.


Indeed, our lives have been changed by the nature of the Reiki energy, and dare we say that we will never really know how far that impact has gone. We have met people 20 years after they received a single session who tell us how it changed their lives and inspired them to start their own practice changing the lives of others.


Consequently, we look at using the Reiki energy as a life path and define it by saying that it is "an aspect of the life force energy whose nature is light and love." Within the simplicity of this definition lies the secret that makes Reiki such a powerful force on this planet; namely, the connection to our heart. Offering this healing energy without acknowledging the heart connection minimizes everything we all long for: unconditional love. This is the true spiritual component that makes our work satisfying. This is the fundamental human element in Reiki that connects us with all living things.


The literal Japanese translation of the word Reiki is "universal life force energy." The same kanji in Chinese is translated as "life force from beyond the beyond." There is a strong underlying inference within both of these definitions that this life force energy is spiritually guided.


Yet, even with this broad spiritual foundation, Reiki is traditionally known and taught as simply a hands-on healing technique. This, however appropriate as it may be, is actually just an approach to using Reiki given its actual definition. There are quite a few modalities that utilize a hands-on approach to healing: quantum touch, therapeutic touch, healing touch, reconnection, and even polarity therapy, to name a few. 


From our perspective, all healing energy comes from the same source but often with different names and approaches to access it.  There are infinite ways in which it has, and can be used, depending upon the country of origin and the conditioning of the mind. Nonetheless, all of them work on shifting a frequency that might be out of balance back to the innate and natural balance contained within the infinite intelligence itself coursing throughout our bodies.


So Why Reiki?


Without going into the training methods used by the different schools of healing, suffice it to say that Reiki training can get you in touch with the healing and consciousness expansion qualities of the universal life force energy faster than any other we know of. This is accomplished through a number of ways that are set in place by a qualified Reiki Teacher who utilizes the energy to explain, express, and surround the student with the light and love of its nature. They also use a technique that is known as an attunement which quickly aligns the students' energy centers to a greater flow of the universal life force energy. It could also be called an initiation, ie, a ritual of intention which utilizes breath, visualization, and focused intention to initiate a student into the world of energy.   This is an appropriate word since the definition of initiation according to the Oxford dictionary is "the action of beginning, entering upon, or starting something." It fits nicely because, after the attunement process, the student is able to almost immediately act as a conduit for the healing energy. Even if the student has previously been working with healing energy, the Reiki attunement noticeably amplifies their ability. In fact, this beautiful process actually impacts the entire neurology of the body making the Reiki energy ever-ready to offer healing. 


Another advantage of Reiki training is that once we are opened up as a vessel for the infinite life energy to flow through us, there is no need to use our personal energy which can become depleted. We always have a fresh supply.


Intending Reiki to move toward the highest good for yourself or any life situation is also a refreshing difference between it and some other modalities. Many schools of healing focus on achieving a specific result when offering treatment. Not only is that controlling, but it is also a significant burden on the practitioner. When we feel we must see specific results to determine whether or not our treatment has been successful, we are setting ourselves up for possible disappointment and potential failure.


Shining the light and love of Reiki on the thoughts and emotions of a client, a situation, or a collective consciousness, can be one of the greatest gifts we offer.


Also, remember that Reiki has no contraindications and can never cause harm. As you continue to work with Reiki it will continue to expand in your life bringing you a joy you didn't know was possible.

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